How do gifting limits work?

Gift contributions count toward your contribution limit for the year. Friends and family will be prevented from making gift contributions that go beyond the gifting limit you set, but gift contributions could also be capped by contributions you make. 

For example, if your gifting limit is set to $18,000, but you make a $2,000 standard contribution to your STABLE account, you can only receive $16,000 in gift contributions from friends and family.

You’ll be prompted to set a gifting limit when you set up your gifting page. 

The progress made toward your gifting limit is shown on the gifting page as a percentage. Don’t worry, friends and family cannot see the actual dollar amount you’ve collected. If you don’t want anyone to see your progress, you can check the “Don’t show gifting limit” box when you set up your gifting page.

You can update your gifting limit at any time by clicking “Edit this page” from your gifting page preview.